Is Telemarketing Outdated? No It’s Updated.

Some people may be of the opinion that Telemarketing is a thing of the past, outdated and to be locked away in a box and left to fossilise. They’re wrong. Well of course I’d say that wouldn’t I? There have been some notable changes in telemarketing over the last few years the old dreary ‘cold […]

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Lead Generation – Are You Looking In The Right Places?

Every business owners main concern is how to go about generating high-quality leads. It impacts each of your business’ goals and it is vital for both building your business and maintaining its long-term growth. To consistently attract, nurture, and convert leads, you need to know what you are doing. And given the growing complexity of […]

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GDPR And Email Marketing

  Here’s a simple question – Can you, or can you not, send an unsolicited email to a business prospect after the 25th May 2018? As a telemarketing company we have had to make it our business to become intimately acquainted with the rain forest of information on the new GDPR legislation and what it […]

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